Fall Photography with Rescue Kittens

Kitten in Pumpkin Basket
IMG_2978 Foster rescue kitten Pumpkin in an orange basket of fall leaves.
Fall is in Florida. With the latest cool weather as inspiration, we decided to devote this week’s Fall Photography shoot to feature rescue kittens with the warm colors of Fall.  We have been having a great time with it.  We enjoy shooting the kittens using window light.  Lately I have been shooting with my 100 mm macro lens that is super sharp, and am loving the results. Leaves have not turned in florida, so we used artificial, but with an f-stop of 2.8,  it goes unnoticeable.    I am also using a soft flash that is bouncing off the ceiling so that I can keep my ISO as low as possible and give the photo a nice glow. I used a pretty orange peach fleece blanket for the background. Our little foster kitten Pumpkin sure loved it.  She especially enjoyed playing in the leaves and scattering them all over the floor!
The kids helped make the props- we found carveable pumpkins at the craft store.  Pink demanded to be involved in the shoot.  She jumped inside of the pumpkin all by herself and waited there until it was her turn!  She loved playing hide and seek in the pumpkins. Here are some fun and really cute pics from the shoot.
We have a variety of images from the fall photo shoot with several different types of baskets. It went really well! We also have a beautiful foster rescue kitten, orange tabby named Leo.  Leo is very special in that he was very sick when brought in, he struggled very much – and with lots of foster parent love and attention, and a little help from the vet, he survived!  Now he is in purr-fect health and ready for adoption next week.  Orange Kitten inside wood basket pumpkinHe is a lion on the outside some hissing and a little growl, but a true lover on the inside when given a chance. He plays and cuddles with Pumpkin, Boots, and Pink.  You would never guess that he is so shy with humans, but he sure is. Click here to see the new Rescue Kitten Fall Gallery 2014 that has just been posted. There you will see these images along with many more in several different size crops available for license.  As always, proceeds from licensing these images will go directly to benefit the foster rescue kittens.
Thanksgiving Kitten in Basket


BOO Halloween Rescue Kitten

You've Been Booed

You’ve been BOO’d! It’s your turn now… to pass it on, I’ll tell you how. Choose a neighbor, friend or anyone, Who needs some special “spooky” fun!  And when you’ve made your secret pick,  Let Halloween kitten do the “trick”!

Have you ever been Boo’d? In my neighborhood it is tradition. When we first moved to the neighborhood, I’ll never forget when we got Boo’d.  The doorbell range in the evening, but noone was there!  Someone left a bag of candy with this cute little poem attached.  My kids LOVED it!  First my children ate up all of the candy. Next they went to work to rewrite the poem and fill a new bag with candy.  The most fun they had was being able to “ding dong ditch” their best friends, leaving behind a special Halloween surprise.  If you have never done this with your children, you MUST start now!
To follow tradition, (a little on the techy side), I have created this cute little Halloween Kitten Boo Card for all of my followers.  Tweet it, post it, share it! It can be used as wallpaper for your cell phones.   Have fun and have a safe Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Scary Designs that are Dog Gone CUTE!

Cute Halloween Dog Greeting Cards
Halloween Dogs for Greeting Cards
Halloween Dogs for Greeting Cards

Halloween Dogs and Scary Designs created by Kelly Richardson Images are available for license.  Each of these Studio Pets images above are found in the image bank Fall Harvest & Halloween Gallery as an isolated image on white background in cut-out PSD format.Halloween Witch dog

Like the whole package with design? These designs using studio pet images from the gallery are freshly made this week and have not been licensed. All five of these designs are available – please specify which design you are interested in and contact kelly using this formYellow Labrador Halloween Pirate Dog. Check back for more new designs next week.

Only like part of the design? We understand if you would like to replace the border or change the text. Kelly can custom create whatever you need for your greeting card, gift bag, etc.  Contact Kelly and she will create to suit your product specs.


Tails From the Crypt – dog tails that is!

HalloweenCard_2904_0991bdrKelly Richardson Images  is full of tails – dog tails that is. Dressed up for Halloween and ready to do tricks for treats, you will find the  Fall Harvest and Halloween Gallery   “SPOOK-TACULAR”!  Studio Pet Stock Images  come as isolated PSD files that your graphics art department can go CRAZY with, OR you can license this scary Halloween design as shown.

Here are a few more new 2014 Halloween Designs available:HalloweennewsletterHDR3


Wanted: Mad Dog Paw, Halloween Dog Outlaw

HC_4303This here is the one and only MAD DOG PAW aka Diesel. He belongs to Kelly Richardson herself! He is wanted for disturbin’ the peace. He was caught pool hoppin’ in the Maitland Orlando neighborhood, he even crashed a 2nd grade pool party! He has been reported more than a dozen times for trespassin’. Citizens are concerned he may be loose on Halloween – a Halloween DOG stealin’ candy from lil’ trick or treaters.  Be the first to catch him! License this here design.  REWARD in the large sum of $1 will be given to the first Bounty License Hunter to get him.  There are other rewards posted for “Halloween Dog Outlaws” in the Fall harvest and Halloween Gallery in the image-bank.  Feel free to Bounty License as many as you can!

Dear _______, STOP kittens from being euthanized… help rescue kittens

Little Pumpkin calico foster kitten rescued two weeks ago. She is approx 4 weeks old. IMG_2537
There are hundreds of cats and kittens in need of rescue.  The rescue kittens you see in attached ­­images were literally on “death row”. They were dropped off in a box at the doorstep  of a vet office in Florida.   The sad reality is that rescue kittens like these are given 24-48 hours to get rescued, or they are euthanized.  One can not imagine that anyone would euthanize innocent, homeless kittens, but unfortunately it is the shocking reality.
Kitten in hammock
Khloe tabby gray foster kitten, has been in foster care since she was three weeks old. I have just got word that she has been adopted to a single mom and daughter. She is sweet and cuddly, they will love her. IMG_1716
The fact of the matter is that many rescue organizations are not taking in cats or rescue kittens because the expense to fully vet and foster them is a lot more that the standard adoption fee.  While rescue organizations are not there to make a profit, most if not all of them are in the red.  With the volume of cats that keep multiplying it’s hard for animal rescue groups to take them in, foster and vet them to the adoptable stage, and still be operable.
I personally know foster parents who devote their time, home and love to rescue cats and kittens that the rescue organizations won’t take, funding everything themselves.   The dry food, the wet food, KMS kitten replacement milk and bottles for very young “bottle baby” kittens, cat litter, vet bills and medication quickly add up.   They need help gathering the funds to continue their efforts to save abandoned, surrendered, and death row cats and kittens that deserve nothing more than a loving and caring forever home.
Kitten in Pink Bucket
Beautiful Kimmy is Khloe’s sister. She has bright blue eyes. She reaches up and gives kisses, most affectionate. She has been adopted by my neighbor. IMG_0866
LuvKelly brand is devoted to raise community awareness and money to help foster parents and private organizations continue their mission to rescue, socialize, vet, foster and re-home as many homeless cats/kittens as possible to avoid them from going to a high kill shelter.  A portion of the proceeds generated through licensing these rescue kitten images will go directly to save, support and foster abandoned kittens.
The heart in Luv Kelly stands for each rescue kitten’s heart that is saved and cared for through the efforts of foster par­­ents working with rescue groups. Please support this cause that is so dear to our hearts. Contact Kelly to see more adorable rescue kittens images available for license to support this cause.


Pretty PINK Pets for Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Kitten striped Birthday Gift
LuvKelly Kittens for Breast Cancer Awareness. Help support women and rescue kittens by licensing a PINK image.

October 6, 2014 – Think PINK this month! It is Pinktober and time to wear your pink ribbon. Let’s raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

To support breast cancer awareness, Kelly Richardson Images will donate 10% licensing fee to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for any PINK pet image that gets licensed during the month of October 2014.

Pink kittens for breast cancer
Meet PINK, newest foster care kitten. She is a DOLL! She is helping raise awareness for Breast Cancer this month, as the featured pet for the cause.

Kelly has been very busy creating NEW pretty pink pet images and has compiled a gallery of the newest favorite PINK pets images that are available for license.  If you do not have access to the image-bank and/or forgot your pass key, and are interested in taking a look, please contact Kelly for more information.

Take a look at the LuvKelly NEWEST favorite foster KITTEN  prettyPINKpets gallery in the KRI Image-Bank.

Kelly has just added another prettyPinkpetsII gallery to the image-bank.  It is a compilation of Kelly’s favorite 100 PINK studio pets stock images with lots of PUPPIES!

***As always, any Luvkelly rescue kitten image that gets licensed also helps support local rescue kittens.