Month: June 2014

adorable studio pet photos

Surtex Show Days

Surtex Show Days – the Finished Booth with tabletop Displays My tabletop displays consisted of one iPad on a stand with a running gallery of over 500 images, along with 500 hard copies printed out 8 1/2 x 11- they are placed in the pink and blue boxes on the table.  I used a cute…
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Things to do in NYC

Things to do in NYC We found many things to do in NYC.  It was the kids first time so we walked Times Square, went to the amazing Toys-R-Us, and hit all of the famous landmarks such as Ellen’s Stardust Diner – home of the singing wait staff (kinda like some of the scenes in…
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Surtex set-up

Set-up day at Surtex 2014 We flew in Friday morning and went straight to work.  Being too early to check-in our hotel we took advantage of our time and went straight to the Javitz Convention Center to set-up.  We checked the banners in as luggage on the plane and had to worries with receiving shipment…
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