Surtex Show Days

Surtex Show Days – the Finished Booth with tabletop Displays

My tabletop displays consisted of one iPad on a stand with a running gallery of over 500 images, along with 500 hard copies printed out 8 1/2 x 11- they are placed in the pink and blue boxes on the table.  I used a cute dog bowl to hold my business cards.  I had company catalogs and postcards for handouts as well as 4 different designs for bookmarks. I had another small tabletop made of foam board next to the Minnie Chi Banner. On it I displayed some mock-up products: a clipboard, playing cards, luggage tags, key chains, etc. We added finishing touches to the booth with party balloons blown up and placed in a bouquet on the table to add to the Celebration theme.

The show was a huge success.  I made many great contacts for party ware, gift bags, greeting cards, puzzles, and stationary. Our aisle kept busy for the most part with buyers from all over the US.   During the down time, I enjoyed meeting and learning information from my “booth mates”.

Surtex Booth photographer pet Pet photographer surtex booth

Things to do in NYC

Things to do in NYC

We found many things to do in NYC.  It was the kids first time so we walked Times Square, went to the amazing Toys-R-Us, and hit all of the famous landmarks such as Ellen’s Stardust Diner – home of the singing wait staff (kinda like some of the scenes in Glee), the Tonight Show, and much more. We then took the underground Subway system to the Yankee Stadium and watched a game.  We had great weather with no rain.  Too tired to see a Broadway Show, so we saw one Tuesday Night instead. We saw Wicked and it was great! On Wednesday we had another free day and took advantage of it to go sightseeing. We went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Be aware, if you want to go to the top of the Statue you need to book months ahead!

Surtex set-up

Surtex Booth Photo Banners and tableSet-up day at Surtex 2014

We flew in Friday morning and went straight to work.  Being too early to check-in our hotel we took advantage of our time and went straight to the Javitz Convention Center to set-up.  We checked the banners in as luggage on the plane and had to worries with receiving shipment at the docks, so we were ready! It was quick and easy with my family to help. Everything measured up  as it should.  We used command strips and they worked perfectly, easy to take off the wall panels without tearing the banners, which we plan to reuse the banners for Licensing Expo in June.  I knew exact measurements thanks to Surtex and Cathy Heck Studios who provided a useful Webinar to all exhibitors about booth set-up pre-show in the months before. Now set-up is done we have a free day on Saturday with plans to explore Times Square, eat at Ellen’s Stardust Cafe and see the Yankees play!